ABOVE: The company was established in 1957 and also holds the type certificate for the CAP 10.

French light aircraft manufacturer Robin Aircraft has gone into compulsory liquidation with immediate effect.

According to French newspaper Les Echos, a Parisian receiver (SCP Abitbol-Rousselet) first launched a search for buyers in September. However, although three applicants were received (including one from Centre-Est aéronautique Pierre Robin), judges did not ultimately accept any of the recovery plans presented, citing “insufficiency or incompatibility”.

“A cold shower falls on the shoulders of all those who participated in or encouraged the venture,” said Casimir Pellissier, CEO of Robin Aircraft: adding that “they don’t force us to give up”.

This news marks the latest of a series of bad news for the Dijon-based aircraft manufacturer. In December 2022, a number of its DR400s were grounded after an EASA Airworthiness Directive highlighted bonding issues affecting the main wing spar. By the time affected aircraft were permitted to return to flight (albeit with certain limitations), Robin was placed into a safeguarded regime in February 2023, intended to give it time to recover. It now seems clear this has not worked.

Clarifying that CEAPR (Centre Est Avions Pierre Robin, a separate company providing spares and support) is still “standing fast, serving all the proud owners of Robin and Cap aircraft,” Pellissier concluded: “When tomorrow the community of DR400 and Cap10 enthusiasts request it and when market conditions allow it, we shall be ready”.