ABOVE: The awards were established in honour of Rob Wildeboer, Goodwood’s Flying School Manager, who died in 2021

The Goodwood Rob Wildeboer Scholarships 2023 is now open to applications, thanks to kind donations from the Goodwood aviation community. The scholarships will pay for ten hours of training in the Cessna 172, fifteen hours of training in the Piper Cub, and five Day Groundschool sessions (whose subject can be chosen by the recipient). In addition to the awards, Pooleys Flight Equipment will donate PPL/LAPL Course Training Books to support the successful candidates.

Applicants should email scholarship@ goodwood.com by 30 April 2023, explaining in no more than five hundred words which scholarship they would like to apply for and why (also giving brief details of any previous flying experience). For further information, the Flying School Operations Manager can be reached at melanie.wright@ goodwood.com.