Renegade has said that it will be ceasing production of the FK-12 Comet (flight tested in the October 2012 issue of Pilot).

The company has decided favour the Pitts airframe over its partnership with the Comet’s European manufacturer.

Renegade is looking to begin manufacturing its Carbon Pitts LS1 airframe immediately, with the two-seat LS2 being released not far in the future.

Doc Bailey, owner and CEO of Renegade Light Sport LLC, said: “Renegade plans on utilising a state of the art carbon fibre internal wing structure with a Sinkonite fabric covering that has proven to be the lightest and strongest method of fabrication for this small but mighty aircraft. The Renegade Pitts will have a much wider cabin and superior weight to horsepower ratio. This will be a wonderful addition to the LSA community.”

Finally – look out for our Flight Test of the Renegade Falcon in the upcoming April edition of Pilot…

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