Fancy yourself as the next Nigel Lamb or Paul Bonhomme? Red Bull’s new air racing app puts you in the virtual cockpit.

Wannabe air races around the world can now get their Red Bull Air Race fix usingtheir smartphones and tablets with the launch of the official mobile game. This is available for free download through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

If you’ve always wanted to fly the gravity-defying racetracks that the world’s best pilots are faced with, now is the time to test your skills. You can race against 23 exceptional pilots from the Master Class and Challenger Cup in this fast and furious arcade-style game, pulling up to 10G and at speeds of up to 370kph… all from the comfort of your armchair. No G-Race Suits required!

Choose from six different race aircraft that are available as standard, then visit the virtual hangar for upgrades, mods and any repairs you need. Each plane has its own different flight characteristics, so you can select one to fit your own personal racing style. Plus you can also design your own paintscheme to really define your race persona.

Following the real-life experience, you will first get race-ready at the ‘Pilot Camp’ in Brazil before switching to ‘Career Mode’ to get out on the racetrack to face the clock and the field of competitors. With eight racetracks to fly on three different continents, you’ll be following in the footsteps of your heroes – but you’ll have to unlock access to them one-by-one as you progress through your World Championship career. As you fly through the 25 metre high pylons, you can get a taste of the tight turns to see how you rate against your online rivals.

For an even greater challenge, you can take part in the global Tournament mode, where you’ll can compete against players from all over the world. Players who want to test their mettle here must go through the same steps as in the real Red Bull Air Race in tough duels: Training, Qualifying, Top 12, Super 8, and Final 4. New events every week also provide variety.

No matter which mode you prefer, when flying ‘Red Bull Air Race – The Game’, only quick reactions and razor-sharp instincts will lead to victory in the rapid motorsports action.

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