Aircraft came from as far away as Switzerland to take part in the VAC’s Northern Rally at Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire.

In a statement, Stephen Slater, VAC’s Chairman, said: ‘Poor weather till after lunch limited the number of arrivals at the VAC’s first Northern Rally in several decades, at Sherburn in Elmet on Saturday 14 June.

‘Plenty of interesting aeroplanes came though, including Miles Messenger, Cessna 165 Airmaster, Tipsy Belfair (G-APIE, returning to its birthplace, it was one of three shipped from Belgium and assembled at Sherburn in 1958) a rare, fully restored 1963 MS.880 Rallye, Morane Saulnier MS 317 Parasol and a visiting J-3 Cub all the way from Switzerland!

‘Sherburn Aero Club loved the event and atmosphere. We’ve already been invited back for next year!’

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