Quest Aircraft’s Kodiak 100 has been certified by EASA. It is now approved in more than fifty countries.

The Kodiak will be sold and supported in Europe by Rheinland Air Service GmbH (RAS) at Mönchengladbach Airport, near Düsseldorf, whose Chief Executive Officer, Johannes Graf von Schaesberg, said: “Single-engine commercial IFR operations in Europe, which only were approved a few weeks ago, will add enormous benefit to our customers and open up potential which has been untapped before.”

Quest Aircraft Chief Executive Officer Rob Wells added: “This is a significant milestone for the Kodiak 100 programme. With its STOL capabilities the Kodiak will allow European operators with large payloads to access many more airstrips and locations that would previously have proven difficult.

“We anticipate that Europe will play an important role in the continued growth of our company, even more so now with the recent and very welcome regulation changes in regards to single-engine turboprop commercial operations.

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