Dynon D2, £795 plus VAT www.gps.co.uk

Claimed to be the ‘only self-contained attitude indicator that is truly portable’, the Dynon D2 has been brought down in price by a handy £200. Like the original D1 – an instrument that impressed us when we first reviewed it a couple of years ago – the D2 is a true artificial horizon that gives responsive and accurate pitch and roll information and won’t topple when you go upside down. Its AHRS sensors also provide a turn rate indicator and slip/skid ball, and its internal GPS receiver furnishes GPS ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, and ground track information.

To this specification, the D2 adds a second G-meter display page that shows a graphical ‘round dial’ with the current G load factor indicated by a moving needle. It also records and displays the minimum and maximum G since last reset by the pilot.

Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices allows the D2 to send attitude, ground speed, altitude, G, and ground track data to aviation applications in real-time. Compatible apps listed by Dynon include WingX Pro7, Seattle Avionics FlyQ, iHUD Remote, and Air Navigation Pro.

The unit is 31/2in wide, 31/4in high, and 1in thick. Stand-alone power is provided by an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery that is claimed to last at least four hours and up to eight in typical use. The D2 comes with two ‘no tools required’ portable mounting options, a RAM suction cup mount and 
a 31/8in ‘pinch’ mount that allows the D2 to be fitted in standard instrument panel hole. The supplied accessories include an AC power adapter, a DC vehicle power adapter and an external GPS antenna.

Reviewed by Philip Whiteman

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