The Piper Archer was taken ona 2100 mile flight using new 93 octane fule by Airworthy

Piper Aircraft has announced that the completion of a 2100-mile flight in a Piper Archer has been successful. The company says the flight was conducted to demonstrate and test Airworthy’s new 93 octane unleaded automobile gasoline. It is a continuation of a previous joint testing that saw Piper conduct other test regimes with fuel at its headquarters. For the more recent flights, Airworthy provided fuel at stops that were along the Archer’s route. The archer flew with a standard Lycoming 0-36-, which has been approved for 93 octane unleaded fuel. Airworthy plans to distribute its ethanol-free unleaded this year.

Airworthy has said that its fuel is specially formulated as high-purity, low-vapour-pressure premium unleaded automotive gasoline. The company is a distributor and blender of petroleum products and says it hope its patent-pending 93 octane fuel will help general aviation and make it more affordable. The fuel meets the requirements of ASTM D4814 and also complies with Lycoming’s own Engine Service Instruction 1070 S. Ethanol free gasoline has been widely available previously, but changes in automotive formulations have resulted in more blends using ethanol to combat emissions.

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