Pilot magazine’s Covid Guarantee means clients can cancel, pause or amend their advertising campaigns for peace of mind during these uncertain times

At Pilot, our advertising campaigns are specially designed to deliver real results for all of our customers. However, we also understand that we are all currently living in unprecedented times and that businesses are now facing the uncertainty of another period of further restrictions.

That’s why we have developed our new ‘Book with Confidence’ COVID Guarantee, to give you complete peace of mind when you book your advertising campaigns with us.

The guarantee automatically applies to all magazine and website bookings that are placed before 31 January 2021 and means that you can cancel, pause or amend your campaign at any point within the 6 months, if you need to.*

In these uncertain times, flexibility and understanding is more important than ever and we want to offer support to our clients wherever we can. The lockdown and any subsequent restrictions shouldn’t stop you from marketing your business and reaching your customers, so we’re here to help.

I want to pause or cancel my campaign using the guarantee, what do I need to do?

If you would like to use our Book with Confidence COVID Guarantee, simply get in touch with your Pilot account manager to discuss your requirements, or drop them an email. They will then be able to go ahead and pause, cancel or make any discussed changes to your booking. Don’t forget to confirm your cancellation in writing.

Our promise to you:

* Flexibility with your campaigns

* The option to cancel or pause your booking at any point

* Support from your Account Manager to discuss your requirements

*Terms and Conditions

Pilot’s “Book with Confidence” COVID Guarantee is automatically applied to all orders placed up to and including 31st January 2021.

Pilot’s “Book with Confidence” COVID Guarantee covers a maximum of 182 days from time of booking.

We reserve the right to remove this Guarantee at any time, however this removal will not apply to any orders place prior to that date of removal.

With the exception of Cancellation section, Archant’s standard conditions of acceptance of advertisements apply to advertisements placed including those which can be found here

Due to the publication process any cancellations or pausing of bookings must be made in writing (which includes email) and must be received by your Account manager at least four days prior to the copy deadline date of the relevant publication.

Any bookings made in the four days prior to the copy deadline date will not be covered by this Guarantee.

If you cancel part of a series of Advertisements, we will still charge you for any insertions in that series which are not been cancelled.

If you have already paid for or have an invoice for future advertisements that you subsequently cancel, we must be informed in writing. Refunds and credits may take up to 10 days to be processed.

This Guarantee only included display and classified adverts in Pilot magazine, display adverts on Pilotweb.aero & UKGA.com and newsletters for Pilot & UKGA.. Please contact your Archant account manager if you have an alternative service booked with us and you need to make changes. They will then be able to discuss your options in more detail.

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