The two formation display teams will be appearing under the Warter Aviation banner at shows in 16 countries this season, including Britain, France, Italy, Spain and home country Poland.

Patrouille Reva (Reve Evasion en Voltige Aerienne- Aerobatic Flying Dream) is a formation flying team famous for their unique shaped Rutan EZ aircraft. The Rutan LongEZ and the shorter version VariEZ were both designed by Burt Rutan. Their 140 HP engines allow them to achieve a maximum speed of 315km/h while consuming 25l/h and reaching a maximum range of 3230 km (LongEZ).

All of the crewmembers are ex-military pilots of the French Air Force who formed the team in 1993 and have performed more than 300 times worldwide. Their 15-minute show consists of 16 figures.

The Firebirds are a Polish group consisting of three aerobatic aircraft: Extra 330 SCs, two-seater Extra 330 LCs and Zlin 50s. They are a young team consisting of very experienced pilots. Lukasz Swiderski is the Polish National Champion in Aerobatics; team leader Adam Labus is an aerobatic instructor; and Sebastian Nowicki is an airline pilot flying the Airbus A320.

From its refinery in Plock, Poland, Warter Aviation supplies all global markets with a full range of AVGAS. Its Warter Aviation Smoke Oil is specially designed to produce dense white smoke for aerobatic displays.

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