Pipistrel announced at Oshkosh that its Panthera model will receive EASA certification by 2024. The aircraft, equipped with Garmin 1000Nxi avionics, will be certified fully IFR and will be capable of carrying four people at about 200kt over a range of more than one thousand miles.

Making the announcement, the president of Pipistrel, Gabriel Massey, said: “The Panthera is going to be a game changer for the light aircraft segment. This is a high-performance aircraft that will enable traveling at longer distances in great comfort. [It] is the ultimate answer for those looking for speed, fuel efficiency and IFR capability.”

The Panthera, which has a retractable gear, has an ergonomic cabin with gull- wing style doors for easier access, and is currently flying under an experimental licence.

Image: Pipistrel