Fill in a quick form before Monday 24 October to show support for the Council’s plan to keep and reopen the aerodrome

The North London Flying School (NLFS) has sent out an urgent appeal concerning the future of Panshanger Aerodrome, in Welwyn Garden City.

Panshanger closed in 2014 as the owners sought to transform the site into housing. Although initially in favour of this move, the Borough Council has recently decided that developers can only build houses if a section of the land remains as an aerodrome.

That’s where you come in – show your support of the Council’s plan and demonstrate the enthusiasm of the local and GA communities to see Panshanger open once more by commenting on the Consultation page. It will only take a few minutes to complete (there is a step-by-step guide below).

The deadline for your submission is MONDAY 24 OCTOBER.

Join the voices already calling for Panshanger to be reopened, including Colin Fitch of Predator Motorsport & Aero. He described the aerodrome as a “wonderful place of inspiration, aspiration, warmth, a welcoming and relaxing environment, which brought a very special combination of fun and adventure as well as uncompromising excellence in aviation to our town”.

“It was a place where anyone could pursue the dream of flight.”

To add your support, Sue Hart of the NLFS has provided steps on how to submit your comments:

1. Go to the Welhat Consultation page

2. Register, verify your account and log in

3. Click on the fourth line down: Draft Local Plan Proposed Submission – Policies Map; and open

4. Click View/Comment

5. Next page: Part B:

No.4 – Click (YES)

No. 5 – Click (YES)

No. 7 – Click (NO)

No. 9 – tick all three

Feedback form – (YES)

We monitor? – (YES)

In the last box, cut and paste the letter below, or write your own:


Dear Sir,

As a citizen in the Welwyn and Hatfield Borough, I am delighted that our councillors on the CHPP Committee have made the important decision to include Panshanger Aerodrome as part of our local plan. I support the decision of Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council to reinstate the aerodrome. I believe this would be an asset to the Borough by creating a great mixed-use opportunity of an aerodrome with learning and sports activities in flying, as well as creating much needed jobs and investment in the local community with the related engineering and development aspects. I know that a local businessman has put a plan forward which incorporates all these things. I support his vision for the future of the aerodrome. This action shows that the Council are considering the local community and the creation of jobs in the local community as well as gaining housing. This shows initiative on the Council’s part and I give it my whole hearted support.

Thank you for arranging the public consultation.

Yours faithfully

6. Click OK to submit

Once you’ve filled out the form, let Sue know via email – – to make sure your vote is counted, and then share with friends and fellow flyers.

“We would be really grateful of your support to reopen an airfield that gave so much to the aviation community and can be a hub for aviation activity in the future to keep GA alive,” said Sue.

Show your support for Panshanger now!

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