At the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh Daher launched its Kodiak 900 model, just a few days after the model had received its FAA certification. The aircraft is effectively a larger and faster version of the Kodiak 100 (flight tested by Pilot in the Spring 2022 issue), with which it shares its STOL – short takeoff and landing – characteristics. The 900 has a cruise speed of 210kt (TAS), a range of 1,129nm, and a total cabin volume of 309 cubic feet (8.7 cubic metres).

Van’s Aircraft also debuted its latest design at the Wisconsin airshow, the RV-15. Breaking with the company’s tradition of low-wing designs, this is Van’s first high- wing aircraft, which will initially be offered in a tailwheel configuration.

Few details about the new aircraft have been unveiled, although it seems likely that it will be powered by a four-cylinder Lycoming IO-390 of at least 210hp. The design also appears to feature a more sophisticated undercarriage than previous Van’s models, which typically featured either tapered steel rods or aluminium leaf-style mainwheel legs. The company indicated on its website that it will eventually also offer a tricycle-undercarriage version.

Image: Daher