The brainchild of Wayne Bloore – a web developer who has been flying GA aircraft for 13 years – is a new online pilot logbook-cum-scrapbook.

Clean, modern and very simple to use, the site allows you to attach upload photos, YouTube videos, GPS tracks overlaid on Google Maps, documents and comments to your flight logs.

Logs are quick to create, as the site contains a database of 35,000 airfields and 56,000 aircraft. All you need to do is add the aircraft registration and it will automatically find out what type it is. The locations of visited airfields are logged and displayed on a map, so you can easily view where you have travelled on your flying adventures. All of the data is securely hosted in the cloud, with hourly backups off-site.

Users who already use other online logbooks will be pleased to hear that data from other electronic/online logbooks or spreadsheets can be uploaded. Or, if they are new to the world of electronic logbooks, opening totals can be entered to avoid entering historical flights. currently has several hundred users who have already added 40,000 flights – with users ranging from student PPLs with a few hours of experience to flight examiners with over 10,000 hours.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are currently in development, and the company hopes to launch them within the next couple of months. However, pilots who prefer to use mobiles and tablets won’t have any trouble using the current site as it is the layout is designed to change depending on the size of the user’s screen.

New users get a fourteen-day free trial, after which the subscription costs are £30 per year or £3 per month.

For more information and to check it out for yourself visit

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