The NTSB has released an update on its investigation into the fire onboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner earlier this month.

The American organisation says that the damaged battery is currently being examined. A press release on its website said that ‘work has transitioned from macroscopic to microscopic examinations and into chemical and elemental analysis of the areas of internal short circuiting and thermal damage’.

It added: ‘Detailed examinations will be looking for signs of in-service damage and manufacturing defects. The test program will include mechanical and electrical tests to determine the performance of the battery, and to uncover signs of any degradation in expected performance.’

Boeing is providing the investigators with information on the operating history of batteries on its 787 aircraft.

The Dreamliner has been the company’s flagship airliner since October 2011, but the fleet was grounded following battery failures on two separate flights.

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