A dedicated website has been set up by Birmingham Airport Air Traffic Limited for GA pilots, with detailed information on the Visual Reporting Points (VRPs) around the airport’s airspace, aiming to help reduce infringement

‘Unfortunately there are a large number of infringements in and around Birmingham’ (see 2018 map below) ‘and it is hoped that photographs of the VRPs (on the website) will be helpful for GA pilots,’ the airport operator says.

It offers this advice:

– Never enter controlled airspace unless Birmingham Radar has issued a positive clearance

– Airspace transits are more likely to be accepted through the overhead in a SW-NE or W-E orientation, or at the extreme edges of the airspace

– Always have an alternative plan in case transit clearance is not available

– Plan a route before flight by the use of ground feature and navaids

– Use the Birmingham QNH when close to Airspace (ATIS frequency 136.025 or tel: 0121 767 1260)

– Birmingham Radar can provide a service for aircraft close to/under the CTA, otherwise please squawk 0010.

See the website at: birminghamvfr.com/?mc_cid=327f46c6aa&mc_eid=da8a4b51ad

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