Metal Seagulls are now offering extra support to those wanting to build these leading US kitplanes

Jonathan and Patricia Porter, Directors of Metal Seagulls Ltd, offer SAM and Zenair years of experience when it comes to building, operating, maintaining and promoting light aircraft.

They built and flew in West Africa, as distributors for Rotax Aircraft Engines, X-Air and Zenith aircraft – giving them extensive knowledge of the Zenair family – and as part of humanitarian aviation and training.

“Zenair aircraft are so therapeutic to build,” says Patricia, who learned a lot of building aircraft with the Zenith STOL CH701 and CH801 models. “There is something so very special about the whole build process, especially with the new match-hole technology, which helps to ensure consistency in aircraft construction.”

Metal Seagulls, based in Rugby, will provide consultancy, training and ongoing support to help those building a SAM or Zenair kitplane. This includes kick-start workshops and group Skype conferences on a regular basis. As well as SAM and Zenair, they represent Aircraft Spruce and Belite.

SAMHaving recently been taken over by the Heintz family, SAM Aircraft is now part of the Zenair family. The low-wing aircraft may have a retro design, but with modern comforts and technology. The SAM, powered by a 180 HP Lycoming engine, is spacious – comfortably sitting a tall pilot – but ‘safe and swift’, with a top speed of 155mph. See the SAM Aircraft website for prices.

ZENAIROne of the most popular kitplanes in the world, Zenair comes in a number of models, both low-wing or high-wing and two- or four-seat. More than 10,000 kits have been sold since Chris Heintz founded the company in 1974. Their planes are claimed to be tough, durable, and quick to put together.

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