ABOVE: The Dynamic Turbo LSM comes with either fixed or retractable undercarriage

The British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) has announced plans to introduce several new factory-built Light Sport Microlights (LSM) to the British market.

Three of the new aircraft are produced by Aerospool, the Slovakian company that manufactures the Dynamic WT9. The three models, all low-wing, are: the Dynamic LSM 600, powered by a Rotax 912 ULS and with a fixed undercarriage; the Dynamic Turbo LSM, which has a Rotax 914 and a choice of either fixed or retractable gear; and the slightly larger Super Dynamic LSM, powered by a Rotax 915 iS, which will also come with an option for retractable undercarriage. The Aerospool designs will be imported to Britain by LX Aviation Ltd.

Another model being introduced to the British market is the NG5 Speed Wing LSM by Bristell. The all-metal monocoque low wing two-seater has a MTOW of 600kg, BPRS as standard and a choice of Rotax engines (912 ULS, 912 iS, 914 and 915 iS). It will be imported by the long-standing UK distributor, Bristell UK Ltd.