Plans are being finalised for a brand new International Racing Series towards the end of April.

Following a successful concept race held last summer in Cascais, Portugal, the plan is for a Class Race of three different category of aircraft, each racing around a closed circuit of pylons. it is envisaged that it will be similar to the Sport Class racing that has become an established favourite at the Reno National Air Races. The difference between this and other existing events is that this will be a pure race, up to a maximum of eight in each class.

There will be three classes: Extreme, Vintage and Biplane, which basically means Extras, Yaks and Pitts. In addition, pilots will have to pre-qualify via a specially mandated Practice Camp. This pre-qualification will include the ability to perform classic aerobatic turn-round figures whilst negotiating a simple chicane-style course, marked out by inflatable pylons roughly eighty feet high.

A team has been working on the concept for the race since last summer, aiming to create a repeatable series of class racing events at international and European locations. Veteran aerobatic display pilot, John Taylor, is part of the Executive with particular focus on training and validating competitor skills.

A new website with information about the Series is coming soon – watch out for news on the Pilot website.

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