A unique, hybrid powered, soaring microlight aircraft, named Project GloW, has been developed.

A unique, hybrid powered, soaring microlight aircraft, named Project GloW, has been developed that has adopted the Light Sport consensus standard – ASTM 2564 – as its design code.

Among its many characteristics, GloW has self-launching capabilities that cut out the need for tow or winch launch.The engine can be easily turned on and off as desired in flight so that it can be flown as a microlight or in crossover soaring profile. It uses standard parts where possible to keep costs low and reduce any risk.

“GloW is all about simplicity, operational convenience, self-sufficiency and lower cost,” says Roger Hurley, an experienced glider pilot and founder of ProAirsport Ltd, the company producing the GloW. “We’re excited to bring you this new approach soarable microloght aeroplane, and we’re proud to be building it in the UK. The pricing, yet to be announced, will be groundbreaking.”

Hybrid technology allows the benefit of electric assist powered wheels that rapidly accelerate the aircraft to take-off speed, and it includes the simplicity of a permanently embedded turbine for climb and cruise propulsion. The aircrafts is simple to rig and can be made ready in 15 minutes. It can also be self-maintained. Its twin main wheels and steerable nosewheel mean the aircraft sits with wings level and can be pilot-manoeuvred before take-off and after landing.

The Project GloW has been designed to fit in with the reductions in UK CAA regulations that came into effect in May 2014 and which said that any single-seat aircraft having a maximum take-off mass of not more than 300kg, and a stalling speed of 35 knots or less, was deregulated for airworthiness purposes. The GloW takes advantage of there being no initial airworthiness certification or mandatory annual inspections.

ProAirsport Ltd operates from premises in Northamptonshire, UK. For further information, see www.proairsport.com email info@proairsport.com or tel +44 1604 861492.

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