Kairos Aviation has announced that it will be working alongside Norway-based Aviator Service to represent Aquila Aviation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Aquila A211 is a robust single-engine low-wing glass fibre aircraft, designed for touring and flight training (PPL and CPL). Powered by a Rotax 912s engine, the aircraft reaches a maximum speed of 165kts (190mph). The low fuel consumption of 16.6 ltr/h at 55% power allows for a range of 620nm or 6hrs with a 45 minute reserve.

According to the company, the fully certified CS-VLA aircraft operates at the fraction of the cost of a traditional flight training aircraft, and features fully certified avionics, ranging from standard analog through a mix of analog and glass panel to a full glass panel, including the Garmin G500 PFD.

The spacious cockpit provides sufficient room even for tall pilots and those with broader shoulders, and a maximum takeoff weight of 750kg enables two people to fly with enough fuel for a longer trip. Addtionally, the aircraft can be operated under Day and Night-VFR-conditions.

Find further information visit www.kairos-aviation.co.uk or email peter@kairos-aviation.co.uk.

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