In the latest move to make the regulation of the UK’s General Aviation (GA) sector more proportionate and evidence-based, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have announced the publication of two new training syllabus for private helicopter pilot training.

The new theoretical knowledge syllabi is more relevant in today’s flight training environment. It better meets the needs of students by including modern learning methods and will give pilots the appropriate skills for today’s complex aviation environment.

The new syllabus covers the PPL (H) and LAPL (H) licences. New theoretical knowledge questions to go with the syllabus will be developed and plans to introduce online examinations have started.

All helicopter training organisations that provide LAPL and PPL training were consulted prior to the new syllabus being submitted as a formal Alternative Means of Compliance to the European Aviation Safety Agency.

You can see the new syllabus at for PPL H and for LAPL (H)

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