NATS, a major provider of air traffic services, started a consultation on proposed airspace changes over southern England on 15 October.

The London Airspace Consultation will run until 21 January 2014 and will be available online at for stakeholders and the public to view and leave feedback.

This consultation will eventually become part of a much wider programme of proposed changes to deliver the ‘Future Airspace Strategy’ for the UK, developed by the CAA. According to the organisation it hopes to save fuel for airlines, which will result in fewer CO2 emissions and less noise. However the programme has been criticised by a number of GA organisations.

Aircraft are using increasingly accurate navigation technology and the new European legislation requires all member States, including the UK, to make sure they are using as much of the new technologies as possible. One of the focuses of this consultation is to work out the best way to make these changes. The final route positions will be determined after the feedback from the public has been considered.

For routes through Gatwick, the consultation will be run by both NATS and Gatwick Airport, with Gatwick leading on changes below 4,000ft and NATS on changes above 7,000ft. Consultation on changes between 4,000 and 7,000 will be managed by both NATS and Gatwick. London City is not currently in a position to proceed with low level change proposals.

Airspace supporting other parts of the London airports network will be addressed in later stages, which are to be complete by 2020.

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