ABOVE: Three proposed racing classes include ‘Velocity Class,’ ‘Pocket-Rocket Class’ and ‘Jet Class’

‘A new era in motorsport has taken flight,’ organisers of the National Air Races League (NAR) have proclaimed, announcing the creation of a new Air Race series set to take place in the United States.

Following the sad conclusion of the 59th annual Reno Air Races championship at Reno-Stead Airport this year, a ‘dedicated group of individuals enthusiastic about aviation and motorsport has come together to create an exhilarating racing experience that draws on over a century of aviation history’, described by organisers as ‘poised to be the fastest motorsport in the world’.

The league is set to announce race locations throughout the United States, including the Las Vegas Spaceport; a 240-acre development already confirmed to host the inaugural race of a second prospective championship, the Las Vegas Air Races. Prospective international locations venues such as Dubai are also said to be under consideration.

“Our vision for NAR is to create a thrilling yet safe aviation motorsport that captivates fans worldwide,” highlighted Rob Lauer, President of NAR and CEO of Las Vegas Spaceport, a major sponsor of NAR. “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and safety, just as F1 and NASCAR have done in their respective domains”.

Safety is of paramount importance to NAR, with Senior Safety Advisor Erika Armstrong noting: “Our unwavering commitment to safety is our life’s calling. We prioritize the well-being of our pilots, crews, and fans above all else.” Each pilot will be required to fly an entire race in a full-motion simulator before qualifying in their respective aircraft, and the league’s unique organisational structure appoints all members as a safety officer.

Differing from alternative augmented-reality formats such as Air Race X, a series allowing spectators to watch ‘jets racing at breakneck speeds… piloted by some of the best pilots in the world’ will come as welcome news to many. A promotional video on Youtube gives a taste of things to come.