Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) has been contracted by Skyborne, a brand new airline pilot training academy based in the UK, to deliver the world’s first fixed-base B737 MAX simulator for its new, state-of-the-art training centre at Gloucestershire Airport

This is also the first B737 MAX simulator to be certified by the Dutch CAA at its production facilities in the Netherlands.

Skyborne CEO Lee Woodward said: “Our vision is to make Skyborne the most trusted airline training academy in the industry.

“With a focus on exhibiting world-class quality across the board, we have invested in market-leading equipment to provide our cadets with a truly standout experience and are therefore very excited to be offering them the opportunity to learn to fly in the world’s first fixed-base Boeing 737 MAX simulator.”

MPS CEO Capt. Philip Adrian also said: “We are committed to deliver our customers with the best possible Fixed Base Simulators. We therefore continuously incorporate the latest functionality and develop the latest models such as the B737 MAX.

“This device is the first of its kind qualified by aviation authorities and will allow customers like Skyborne to optimise training for the next generation of pilots”.

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