The all-new two-seat tandem gyroplane type received Design Approval from the UK CAA for UK operations on 18th April 2018

The aircraft is the first Permit category gyroplane approved for day and night VFR operation, demonstrating the stability and inherent safety of these amazing AutoGyro machines.

It is available with either the Rotax 912ULS or 914UL engines, and maximum take-off weight of 560Kg – giving a payload of 270Kg.

Fuel capacity is 94ltrs, giving an unequalled range of over 4 hours.

The aircraft comes with an expansive set of body options, it may be flown ‘open’ – meaning with a nose cowl only – or as in the photo, with full body and mast cowlings.

Pilot comfort is maintained with heated leather seats, lumbar support, adjustable seating positions, and easy-adjust pedal position.

Take-off distance is short, due to the AutoGyro 300rpm pre-rotation system.

Rotors available are the nimble 8.4m RSII, the cruising RSII TOPP, and 8.6m TOPP for heavy flight operations – so the pilot can choose the ideal rotor to suit their flight style.

These are complimented by the fitment of the fixed pitch HTC propeller, or the Ivoprop in-flight adjustable propeller for low rpm cruise and even further reduced take off distance.

Maximum speed is 120mph, and the new altitude limit of 12,000ft lets pilots see the world with a different perspective.

Instructors will enjoy the rear cockpit instrumentation and equipment; Instrument panel with altimeter, ASI, warning lamps, engine and rotor speed gauges, mag and keyswitch; seat side mounted throttle, brake, heated seat, lumbar support, and full stick controls.

For the new night operation the aircraft is available with a secondary alternator, underbody landing light, heated pitot, lit instrument panels front and rear, and a certified Primary Flight Display.

Gerry Speich, Chief Certification Officer of AutoGyro GmbH, and Managing Director of RotorSport in the UK, says ‘this aircraft re-sets the standard of open cockpit gyroplane operations. The level of comfort, stability, range, payload and ease of flight is beyond anything currently in the market – and flight in these aircraft at night brings a whole new dimension to flying these fantastic aircraft.’

The first aircraft are expected to depart from the AutoGyro UK facility at Halfpenny Green airfield next week.

For more information and your personal test flight contact AutoGyro UK on 01384 221775, or Website

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