The CAA is reminding pilots that medical declarations will no longer be valid for use with JAR-FCL PPL, CPL and ATPL licences after 30 September 2013.

An exemption – which ends on 30 September – has allowed pilots holding such licences, but unable to obtain a Class 1 or 2 medical certificates, to continue flying with a medical declaration, albeit under certain restrictions. Pilots of autogyros and balloons, as well as holders of UK national licences such as NPPLs, will not be affected.

The CAA is advising pilots affected by the change to either obtain a full medical certificate – Class 1 for CPLs and ATPLs, Class 2 for PPLs – or convert their existing licence to the EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) or UK NPPL. The LAPL requires a LAPL medical certificate, which can be issued by a GP or an Aero Medical Examiner (AME), while the NPPL needs either a UK medical declaration or a LAPL medical certificate.

Holders of UK national licences (i.e. not JAR-FCL or EASA Part-FCL) supported by medical declarations can continue to fly aeroplanes with EASA Certificates of Airworthiness or Permits to Fly until 8 April 2015. After that date, they will only be permitted to fly non- ‘EASA aircraft’ such as microlights, kit aeroplanes and ex-military aircraft with their national licences.

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