AOPA has announced their new CEO & President, Mark Baker has been a pilot for over 35 years.

The 55 year old, Mark Baker from Minnesota and a GA pilot has just been named by AOPA as the CEO and president; he will be the successor to Craig Fuller. Baker has been flying since his twenties, AOPA also said that he has over 7,500 hours of flight. Mark stated that his favourite airplane is his Piper Super Club. Baker said “I am committed to the priorities of the membership and will ensure that AOPA’s focus remains on carrying out our mission of protecting the freedom to fly.” Baker will be the fifth president since AOPA was founded almost 75 years ago.

Baker said that he is looking forward to meeting and listening to the members of the association and using the feedback to benefit GA pilots and increase the value of AOPA memberships. Craig Fuller has served as AOPA CEO and president for five years and stated earlier this year he was ready to move on. The board searched for candidates from the associations 400,000 members looking for a pilot who had a true passion for general aviation, they also wanted someone who was a good business leader. Mark brings 35 years of involvement with the GA community but also has a lot of experience in leadership positions within the home improvement industry.

Mark has been an aircraft owner and an AOPA member since 1987. He enjoys flying anything from helicopters to light seaplanes. Mark not only managed to convince his father to learn to fly but also his sons-in-law have earned their pilot’s certificates, his own son will also become a pilot soon.

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