London-Oxford (or Kidlington, as we knew it) by offering new incentives valid for six months from May to October 2017.

Category A single-engined piston aircraft under 2.73 tonnes in weight (the largest type in this category being equivalent to a Piper Malibu or Meridian) can land for just £10 (including VAT) or free if they uplift 45 litres or more of Avgas. In addition, GA visitors before November will also receive a special on-grass parking rate of £10 per day (including VAT) and, if booked in advance, ILS approaches will cost just £5 (VAT included). However, there will be no discount for touch-and-goes.

London-Oxford’s Director of Business Development James Dillon-Godfray says: “With these reduced costs and our cheap fuel prices, (we offer) excellent value for money in comparison to neighbouring airports. We pride ourselves on our accessible, user-friendly airspace which offers the most professional ATC service of any private airport in the region, and we look forward to welcoming many new GA flyers to the airport this summer.”

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