Having received the final documents for its proposed application for a Judicial Review of the CAA decision on the TAG ACP from its Airspace Team on 8 October, the Lasham Gliding Society’s committee has approved filing of the society’s application with the Court

‘The Airspace Team and our lawyers have completed a herculean task in compiling 183 pages of statements, plus supporting documents, which have been filed with the Court,’ says Chairman Mike Clarke in a letter to members.

‘The CAA now has 21 days from the date of service of proceedings to acknowledge service.’

“This action represents a momentous step in challenging the CAA’s controversial decision to grant controlled airspace, not to protect the general public travelling by commercial air transport, but essentially ‘fence off’ a huge area of the sky for private operations in the business jet sector of general aviation,” comments Pilot Editor Philip Whiteman.

Donations to the society’s campaign are still welcome and can be made through this link.

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