The Light Aircraft Association starts 2019 with 7,725 active members; an increase from 7,638 in 2018 making the LAA the UK’s largest powered flying member organisation by a significant margin

Meanwhile the number of aircraft operating on LAA Permits to Fly has increased to 2,791; an all-time record.

The Association is also overseeing more than 1,400 projects either in build or under restoration. That means the total LAA fleet is over 4,100 aircraft – making it the largest air force in Europe!

“The numbers clearly demonstrate that more and more flyers are seeing the LAA as a means of flying for fun in the most affordable manner” said Chief Executive Steve Slater.

“We’re seeing the utilisation of our fleet changing too. We have a steadily increasing number of aircraft being cleared for Night and IFR use and the first owners seeking permissions for remunerated use, for private rental or by flying clubs.

“We’re also seeing more owners who are buyers of used Permit aircraft, rather than builders. One of our priorities this year is to assist them with an expanded member training programme to help ensure they have the knowledge to match their enthusiasm.”

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