Dahers Kodiak 100 has been added to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator allowing simmers to fly the rugged single engine turboprop aircraft in scenarios that include humanitarian missions to unprepared strips and high altitude mountain airports.

Created with Dahers involvement and incorporating the input of actual Kodiak pilots the SimWorks Studios simulator program comes in four different land variants  Interestingly one of the models is that used by Frances humanitarian organisation Aviation Sans Frontières Aviation without Borders which will receive funding from the revenues generated by the simulator.

Our thanks go to Daher and the company’s endowment fund in helping make this a reality explained Grard Feldzer the President of Aviation Sans Frontières With the Kodiak 100 in our colours it will be possible for a wide audience to experience humanitarian aviation while operating from challenging African locations performing rough field landings airlifting essential equipment and delivering medical personnel to remote sites.

In a related story the firm HliBarn the first operator of the Kodiak 100 in France has been contracted by the country’s defence agency to perform drops to test parachute systems for the French armed forces The contract covers the rental of a Kodiak 100 for a period of five years for two hundred flight hours annually Based at PauPyrenees airport HliBarn operates two Kodiak 100s Cadets from the French military’s School of Airborne Troops are among those who have already jumped from the Kodiak.

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