Boeing 747 Owners’ Workshop Manual by Chris Wood, published by Haynes Publishing £21.99 Hardback, 168 pages, colour/black and white illustrations

A truly iconic machine gets the ‘Haynes workshop manual’ treatment this month – Boeing’s amazing 747. Author Captain Chris Wood is certainly qualified to write this particular workshop manual — he has over 12,000 hours of jumbo time in his logbook, having flown both the Classic and -400 versions. As well as discussing the past, present and future of the giant vehicle, the book examines the aircraft’s myriad systems in some detail. There’s even a fascinating chapter detailing how retired aircraft are parted out and then scrapped. I was particularly interested to learn that individual classic jumbos possess real character, a trait that the more modern 400 series machines don’t have. As always, I’d have liked a bit more detail about its handling characteristics, but still greatly enjoyed it.

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