Just shy of sixty visiting aircraft turned up for the Vans RV/Pilot magazine Bonus Day at IWM Duxford on 20 July.

As well as offering a good get-together, IWM’s Cambridgeshire outpost offers a huge amount to see – on this day for just £7 per fly-in visitor.

The Editor especially appreciated the invitation to park up his Cub with two other historic spotter aircraft – an L-18 and L-19/O-1 Bird Dog – making a neat L-plane line-up. Homebuilt RVs came in from far and wide – some from overseas – and the RV8tors were inveigled to practise their display routine by the event organiser, Martyn ‘Doc’ Holliday.

Now blessed with a briefing room open to visiting pilots and an ever increasing number of volunteers helping with light aircraft arrivals, IWM Duxford is really being opened up to GA and we look forward to future visits.

For more information on flying into Duxford, visit www.iwm.org.uk

Photograph: Philip Whiteman

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