The CarterCopter aircraft uses slow-rotor technology that enables it to: “Take off like a helicopter, transition to an autogyro, and fly like a fixed-wing aircraft,” according to CEO Jay Carter.

Tests to date have rendered the Mu-1 barrier as moot and flight above Mu-1 as routine. Cruise efficiencies have been demonstrated two to two-and-a-half times higher than conventional rotorcraft, and jump takeoff performance has exceeded expectations.

“This is a tough transition for me. I’m an engineer at heart so continuing to expand the envelope, fine tune the technology, break additional records, and the like, make me smile every day,” says Carter. “Yet the time has come, and some would say it’s overdue, to shift gears and focus on getting the technology into the marketplace.”

Carter will continue to demonstrate the aircraft at selected private and public exhibitions, but these will be aimed at specific parties interested in producing the aircraft. Public demonstrations will serve to continue to grow awareness and interest in Carter’s bespoke Slowed Rotor/Compound Technology.

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