Hercules Propellers are modern-day craftspeople with a passion for all things aviation, creating beautiful working propellers for unique and special aircraft all over the world. Their work drives aircraft as varied as First World War fighters and bombers, to homebuilt performance touring aircraft – along with everything in between!

Hercules Propellers have just launched their new website: www.hercprops.com

It features in-depth looks at all the design and manufacturing processes, along with an automatic and interactive pricing calculator to allow you to work out quickly and easily what a custom propeller for your aeroplane will cost, with no obligation.

To celebrate the launch Hercules are offering a whopping 15% off all new orders placed before the end of March.

Experts in propeller design and manufacturing, they cater for all aircraft types, from pre-First World War, to composite speed machines, and everything in between. Hercules offer a bespoke design service as standard for every customer meaning there are no off-the-peg compromises to be made. They provide a custom finishing service alongside their range of beautiful standard finishes – so if you want a propeller that is colour-matched to your aeroplane it’s no problem!

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