Heli Air has announced that it is expanding its training services to include full-time ground school courses alongside flight training.

Available from October this year, the new courses will be professionally delivered in a modular format at the company’s purpose-built facilities at Wycombe Air Park. The modules will include PPL(H), ATPL ground school studies, and structured hour building followed by CPL(H) with options for IR(H) or FIC(H). For candidates who already have a PPL(H) or CPL(H), Heli Air will also be offering a ground school plus CPL package and a ground school-only package.

In partnership with Buckinghamshire New University, Heli Air can also provide the opportunity to gain a BSc in Air Transport Management alongside its structured flight training.

Heli Air’s ground instructors are all fully qualified helicopter pilots with combined experience in all areas of the helicopter industry, including flight instruction, commercial flying, public transport, aerial surveillance and application, off-shore operations, multi-engine and multi-crew flying.

The courses will be complemented by guest speakers providing additional lessons in their particular areas of expertise, helping to bridge the gap between formal training and industry experience.

With nine bases across the country, Heli Air is able to optimise flight training opportunities for individual candidates, including positioning flights which help to reduce the cost of the necessary hour building. In addition, the scale of the company’s operations means that it can also offer CV-enhancing, weekend job opportunities in ground handling and other functional areas as well as aircraft movement.

The new ground school facilities will be headed-up by Ewen Goldsobel, Heli Air’s Chief Groundschool Instructor, based at Heli Air Wycombe.

For more information, visit Heli Air’s website.

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