Hartzell Propeller Inc, from Piqua, Ohio, has received a Type Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration for the new two-blade extremely lightweight Bantam propeller for use with the Rotax 912 and 914 four-stroke engines series: 912iS Sport (100hp), 912 (80hp), 912 (100hp) and 914 (115hp) engines. The Bantam propeller series consists of small, lightweight two- and three-blade propellers with a thin, wide chord and swept high performance airfoils, designed for light sport and ultra light aircraft.

They are available in various diameters ranging from 67in to 77in and weigh only 25lb, including spinner.

The superior strength of the carbon fibre structural composite material enabled the engineering team to design blades with wider chords and thinner airfoils, claims the manufacturer, which it says will ultimately lead to higher performance and durability.

“The Rotax 912 and 914 series of four cylinder four stroke engines perform even better with Hartzell’s new two-blade Bantam prop,” says Hartzell Propeller’s Joe Brown. “This will become the propeller of choice for many light sport and ultra light aircraft.”

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