The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke, based at Popham Airfield in Hampshire, is delighted to announce that it has become the UK’s first carbon-neutral gyroplane flight school

“As more of our customers arrive at the airfield in electric vehicles it has become increasingly important for us to be seen to be addressing the impact of our carbon emissions,” said Steve Boxall, Chief Instructor at the Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke.

“Our first step on this journey has been to engage with a certified carbon-offsetting scheme to offset the CO2 emissions from our training fleet to make our flight operations carbon-neutral.

“Those of us who work in the industry know that GA’s contribution to overall carbon output is tiny, but we absolutely must be seen to be playing our part if we are to encourage future, more environmentally-conscious, generations into sport aviation.”

Future offerings from the school will include tools to allow qualified pilots to offset the emissions from their flying activity and to offset carbon emissions from the production of new aircraft.

Find out more about the school through this link.

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