The Vintage Aircraft Club’s best-attended event of recent months saw no less than 90 vintage and classic aircraft fly in.

The annual Daffodil Rally took place at Fenland in Lincolnshire on Saturday 12 April, with each crew departing with a batch of the yellow blooms. The show-stoppers without a doubt were two rarely seen Percival Gull variants, with a Mew Gull and Vega Gull parked side-by side, recalling days when Lincolnshire residents Alex Henshaw and his father ‘Pop’ owned a similar brace three quarters of a century ago.

The fly-in marked the public debut of David Beale’s Mew Gull, G-HEKL, built from original drawings as an exact reproduction of Charles Gardiner’s 1937 Kings Cup Air Race winner. It was joined by David Hulme’s 1937 Vega Gull, G-AEZJ, which had flown in from Biggin Hill for the event.

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