The organisers of the Greenland Air Trophy are looking for teams to take part in the 2020 event

In this annual competition for light aircraft, pilots in any suitable aeroplane will fly from Europe and North America to meet in Narsarsuaq, Greenland.

There they will face each other in STOL (short takeoff and landing) and precision landing competitions.

Last year aircraft as small as the Flight Design CTSW ultralight took part and, en route to Greenland, the European team also managed to land at a remote strip in Iceland used by NASA in the 1960s for Moon landing training.

So far, pilots from seven countries?the USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Greenland, Belgium and the UK?have signed up for the event.

Thanks to overall sponsorship, participants will benefit from discounted fuel and waiving of fees.

However, the demands of such a harsh flying environment mean that pilots will need to pass a selection before being allowed on the journey, including a 45-minute interview.

For details, see the Greenland Air Trophy group facebook page.

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