On March 31 the Government released further information on coronavirus guidance that ‘precludes recreational GA flying’

Taking a similar tone to the LAA statement issued on 25 March, the Government has confirmed that although VFR operations are not banned, the current guidance on social distancing and staying at home essentially makes flying impossible.

The Government acknowledges that the GA community is largely following its guidance by voluntarily not flying, and that keeping VFR airspace open will allow a smoother transition to normality once other restrictions are lifted.

Other key points include:

– Maintenance operations: These can continue where essential maintenance is required and as long as social distancing and proper cleaning measures are observed

– Return to business as usual: The Government is supporting ‘GA stakeholders’ regarding the extension of pilot medical deadlines and is developing short-term exemptions for those who would have required a flight with an instructor to revalidate their licence

– Risk of transmission: Even though this risk is negligible for solo flights, you still should not fly as an accident would require social distancing measures to be abandoned

– Air traffic management: NATS are currently operating below full capacity and pilots should be aware of the strain they may put on the service when flying resumes

To read the full guidance please click here.

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