ABOVE: Last year’s deliveries of aircraft powered by piston engines were up 8.2% on 2021, with 1,524 machines dispatched

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has announced that its members made deliveries worth $26.8b in 2022 globally, a six percent increase over 2021 revenues. The organisation presented its annual ‘State Of The Industry’ data at the end of February, which showed that all sectors of the industry had contributed to the strong performance. Deliveries of aircraft powered by piston engines were up 8.2% with 1,524 machines, turboprop deliveries increased by 10.4%; and business jet deliveries also increased (although very slightly). The value of aeroplane deliveries for 2022 was $22.9b, an increase of approximately 5.8%. Helicopter deliveries were also up, by 6.8% to $4b.

Despite the universal increase in business activity, GAMA President Pete Bunce said it hadn’t been an easy year, citing workforce and supply chain challenges across the industry.

Bunce also hinted at issues with bureaucracy, stating that “we will be looking for Congress to focus the FAA on improving their processes to facilitate the certification of new technologies as well as supporting their validation efforts globally to deliver safety, performance and  sustainability benefits.”