Commercial flight school, FTA Global, is upgrading its Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) to include Jet Orientation (JOC) and Airline Readiness Training

With immediate effect, the MCC/JOC and Airline Readiness Training – which comes at the end of a student’s commercial pilot training – will be integrated into FTA’s Flight Deck Programmes.

It aims to prepare them for a career as a First Officer and can be further upgraded to enhanced Airline Pilot Standards (APS), an EASA qualification attractive to potential airline employers.

The course will be delivered by FTA’s new training partners Jet MASTERCLASS and all the MCC/JOC and APS MCC training will be delivered by highly skilled Boeing instructors on a high-fidelity fixed-base B737-800W simulator at the Jet MASTERCLASS training facility near London Gatwick Airport.

The APS MCC course also includes an element of full-motion training on a B737-800 FFS device.

The change is a direct response to customer and market demand as recruiters increase their expectations of airline-specific skills, knowledge and terminology.

Frank Jukes, Director & Head of Training at Jet MASTERCLASS explains: “For those pilots seeking a competitive edge in today’s fiercely competitive airline recruitment market, APS is fast becoming the ‘gold seal’ course recognised by airline recruiters as the strongest possible lead-in to your first multi-pilot jet type-rating.

“The 20 additional flying hours (including FFS) are designed to develop a pilot’s handling ability and flight deck management to the levels expected of a qualified line pilot.

“Students will operate in adverse weather conditions, low visibility operations, manage different cabin scenarios and polish their PAs to perfection.”

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