Elixir has completed a new fund-raising round with investors; the extra £3m will accelerate the company’s development

French aircraft manufacturer Elixir has completed a new fund-raising round with investors.

Having obtained EASA CS-23 certification in March 2020, the additional €3m raised will help accelerate the company’s industrial and commercial development. This fund-raising coincides with the move to new premises at La Rochelle airport. The company is working on a range of high-performance, low operating cost, two-seat aircraft that are designed to be simple, robust, comfortable and safe. Composed of a small number of parts and designed to be easy to maintain, Elixir’s construction makes extensive use of composite materials, and the latest generation of piston engines and electronic equipment for light aircraft.

The new injection of capital will enable the company to support series production of the 100hp VFR model while pursuing the development and certification of other versions, including more powerful, and Night VFR and IFR capable models.

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