The manufacturers of Skydrol avaition hydraulic fluid offer customers a way to have their fluid tested through their dedicated website.

Eastman Aviation Solutions has launched a redesigned website through which users of the Skydrol aviation hydraulic fluid can apply for a sample kit comprising a collection bottle (Nalgene, HDPE), label, plastic bag (polyethylene) and cardboard box. To ensure quality and safety there are specific guidelines and shipping procedures to follow when using the service. Eastman also provides in-depth guidance on sample collection and interpretation of sample test results.

Nicholas Cleary, Eastman Aviation Solutions Technical Services Director, says: “During aircraft operations, hydraulic fluid is subjected to an environment which, in time, alters certain properties of the fluid. Since no two aircraft hydraulic systems operate under the exact same conditions, we suggest that customers have their hydraulic fluid analysed periodically to assure it meets airframe manufacturing in-service limits.

“We test over 17,000 fluid samples a year from all over the world. While this is a sizeable investment, we feel it is important to provide these additional, value-added services to customers in order to ensure they are maximising the performance of their hydraulic fluid without incurring extra cost,”

Eastman provides global support through three distribution labs, in the US, UK and Singapore that test the samples and can provide AOG support.

To find out more, and register for your sample kit, you need to get a code from your local technical sales rep. To find the nearest one go to visit and fill out a form, or send an email directly to

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