ABOVE: A three year posting on Ryanair’s Flight Operations Programme will be followed by a free Boeing 737 Type Rating

Ryanair has announced a rare opportunity for a free Boeing 737 Type Rating training. To qualify, trainee pilots must complete a three year posting on its Flight Operations Cadet Programme at Ryanair’s Operations Control Centre in Dublin. Although this is an office-based role, candidates will gain valuable experience in understanding Ryanair’s Flight Operations department and its development during a period of sustained growth.

Following completion of the posting and subject to successful completion of assessment including in a simulator, candidates will be offered the opportunity to join the Ryanair Boeing 737 Type Rating programme for free. There is a possibility to do a two-year posting in the Operations Control Centre (instead of three), in which case the Type Rating is not free but heavily discounted (costing €5,000 instead of the normal price of €30,000).