After ten days of competition, French pilot capitaine Alexandre Orlowski was declared World Champion at the 28th FAI World Aerobatic Competition held at Châteauroux, his compatriot Aude Lemordant taking gold in the women’s competition and France topping the team ranking.

Lemordant finished fifth in general rankings, just behind Capitaine François Rallet (France), Castor Fantoba (Spain), Mikhail Mamistov (Russia) and Gerald Cooper (Great Britain). Just as they did in the last championships, in 2013 the French took home all the gold medals.

Followers up in the team rankings were Russia and the United States of America

Mikhail Mamistov (Russia) finished second in the individual ranking, with Castor Fantoba of Spain in third place. Russian pilots Svetlana Kapanina and Elena Klimovitch finished second and third to Lemordant in the women’s competition.

Full results are available on the CIVA results website.

The French did not have it all their own way: the separate Freestyle championship was won by Rob Holland from USA, who thus became Freestyle World Aerobatic Champion for the third time in a row (2011, 2013, 2015) – the first hat trick in the history of the FAI World Aerobatic Championships.

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