Professional flight training specialist Leading Edge Aviation is among the organisations setting up ‘virtual classrooms’ to deliver Ground School training to students during the Covid-19 period of isolation

This week sees the successful launch of Leading Edge Aviation’s virtual Ground School. Whilst the academy has been using virtual and tech resources for some time (including Neurotracker, VLE – virtual learning environment, augmented reality and virtual reality), it has now moved its Ground School operation to a 100% virtual environment following the government’s move to put the country into lockdown.

Dickie Hughes, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor & Head of Ground School, says: “I’m delighted by both our students and instructors, they are taking the new challenges in their stride, continuing to work to the best of their abilities and support each other throughout this new and intense period.

“Our instructors have spent a great deal of time perfecting the use of the virtual technologies we have provided them and are able to take pride in their work and in watching their students thrive.”

The academy currently has four Ground School courses running concurrently, and all students are now able to access lessons and resources from their homes. However, this does not mean that they are left to self-study. Their daily programme of lessons continues with their TKIs (Theoretical Knowledge Instructors) who are delivering the same high-quality content, via live video links.

Students are able to interact with their TKI who are also able to check in on each student. This face time and individual communication is a key factor in the success of virtual learning, ensuring that lessons are fully understood.

Andy McFarlane, CEO, Leading Edge Aviation states “I mirror everything Dickie says, the senior team have taken great pride in supporting our training team and students adapt during this challenging period and look forward to watching them as they move through Ground School and continue to excel!”

Looking to the future, Leading Edge Aviation will continue to use and develop technologies to their best affect, but of course look forward to returning to face-to-face training alongside virtual Ground School.

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