A few years ago, IWM Duxford management decided that GA should no longer be allowed to fly in to Duxford on airshow days due to high costs which were not covered by the landing fees.

This year the situation changed and GA are once again welcome to fly into the six airshow days. The difference is that landing slots must not only be pre-booked, but also prepaid at £30 for a typical light single. It’s now a new web-based booking process which is being trialled.

The next show is the “American Airshow” on 28th and 29th of May 2016 and we understand that there are still landing slots available. Celebrating the newly-transformed American Air Museum, this show tells the story of the American and British collaboration over the last 100 years.

To book tickets and a landing slot, send an email to: airtraffic@iwm.org.uk and follow the directions on the automated reply.

Pilot information is at http://www.iwm.org.uk/visits/iwm-duxford/flying/information-for-pilots

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